T & A's Mobile Welding LLC - (Phoenix)

Posted on: 11/21/17


I was interested in having my business listed on your job postings or job board for people or youths looking for apprenticeships or learning in the welding industry. Welding company looking to hire 2 guys interested in cutting, grinding, prepping steel, training in basic welding etc.... We've been around for over 10 years and handle over 70% of Arizona's Mobile Welding needs our problem is finding good consistent crew or people that want to work and stay working once they are trained. We are mobile so half the time we are in the work trucks driving from one location to another typically doing four to six jobs per day. Therefore we usually get 8 to 9 hours in but they get paid entire full days for literally only 5 or 6 hours worked it's a very easy job but great learning experience for those willing to learn about the welding industry looking forward to hearing from you if you have any potentials in mind that might fit this position or ways to get listed on your job board for those that may be interested in this opportunity. T&A's Mobile WeldingWww.azwelders.com 480-262-2120

Ad Number: 21096623