$2 500 1996 Toyota 4Runner Drivetrain - Eng/Trans/Tcase - $2 (Phoenix)

Posted on: 12/18/17



Bought a parts truck last spring with the plan of installing the lower mileage engine into my 96 4Runner. 4Runner is sold so the drivetrain is no longer needed. Donor vehicle was a 1996 Toyota 4runner 4WD SR5 w/ 129k miles. Truck ran great, no knocks or oil leaks. A/C worked perfectly. Last started around April of this year. Would like to sell drivetrain as a package, buyer is welcomed to anything left on the donor vehicle (brake master cylinder is good). Currently sitting inside my shop on jack stand. You would need a trailer and jack stands to pick it up (I have an engine hoist). Toyota 3.4l with all accessories except the P/S pump and intake box 4 Speed automatic transmission Manual shift transfer case Rear Driveshaft ECM MAF sensor Gauge Cluster A/C condenser and lines Also have a lot of new in box parts/gaskets that I bought for the intended swap including oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, injector O-rings, complete A/C O-ring kit, new A/C receiver/dryer, spark plugs and accessory belts. These are included in the sale price. $2500 for everything.

Ad Number: 21116351